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Residential Landlord - UK Buy to let investment property information   
Residential Landlord - UK Buy to let investment property information
'Open house' viewings increase    Today
An alleged ‘super bubble’ across London and the South-East has led to estate agents resorting to drastic measures in order to feed the demand for
Expats invest in UK property    Wednesday 10:43
A trend is developing in which British expats are buying UK property as a future investment, according to a report from Lloyds Bank.  Expats from the
Redress schemes to become compulsory    Tuesday 22nd Apr
The Government has approved three compulsory redress schemes in the buy-to-let sector, which will enable the independent investigation of complaints.The three schemes, known as The
Poor student homes leads to rise in new accommodation    17 Apr 2014
Poor quality student accommodation has led to a rise in new developments, after one in four current student homes were found to be infested with
Lender acts to stop buy-to-let 'gaming'    16 Apr 2014
One of the largest buy-to-let lenders has scrapped plans to lend to first time buyers after a mere month due to investors ‘gaming’ buy-to-let by
Landlord fined £10,000 for 'filthy' house    15 Apr 2014
A rogue landlord was forced to pay over £10,000 after endangering tenants by providing an overcrowded and filthy property with insufficient fire safety precautions. Amartjit Singh
Remortgage time for landlords    14 Apr 2014
Potential increases in interest rates are encouraging landlords to remortgage rather than expand their portfolios, according to research undertaken by Mortgages for Business.  Mark Carney, Governor
Eviction costs to soar    11 Apr 2014
Landlords have always felt that the cost to get rid of the bad tenant was expensive, particularly when often allied to rent arrears and little
Landlords optimistic for the future    10 Apr 2014
The prolific availability of buy-to-let mortgages has left landlords optimistic in regards to expanding their portfolios. A survey by Paragon Mortgages found that 44 per cent
Record fine for London landlord    09 Apr 2014
A Hounslow landlord was forced to pay record sums after illegally using outbuildings as accommodation. Abdul Rahim Khan, 77, was ordered to pay £52,000 after using

Feed Index /  Residential Landlord - UK property investment news